Petra Baan (1977, Rotterdam, the Netherlands) studied Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts. After her graduation she started working as an illustrator and designer. Besides illustrating for books and magazines she is an avid screen printer and sells her prints in shops and galleries, both in the Netherlands and Germany. In her spare time she likes to rollerskate and visit supermarkets all around the world, to expand her collection of food packaging. Petra lives with her daughter in Berlin.
Clients: Querido Publishing, Snor Publishing Utrecht, ANWB, Malmberg Publishers, Flow magazine, Rebel Rotterdam, Schrenk + Schrenk Kommunikation Berlin, Pavlov Publiceert, Radar+ magazine, Gerstenberg Verlag, Usborne Publishing London
Galleries/Markets/Events: Swan Market, Plein du Publique, Urlaub & Stichting DRUK Utrecht, GROOS Rotterdam, Art Kreuzberg, Bohei Berlin, Nowkoelln Flowmarkt
Current: Neurotitan Berlin